Where We Came From And Where We Are Heading

Potential clients often ask us about our legal backgrounds and level of experience. We find this encouraging as it tells us that our clients are serious business people who want to feel secure about leaving the protection of their valuable intellectual property in capable and responsible hands.

So who are we?  We definitely do not like to refer to ourselves as being “fruity”, but we are somewhat like wine. New and young wine, like Chantal, is “fresh” and exhibits characteristics which are pronounced and separately identifiable, evidenced by Chantal’s skillset in trade-mark practices.  Fay, on the other hand, portrays the characteristics of the best “old” (red) wine that you find among collectors, having become somewhat of a legend among her clientele for her ability to resolve complex cases.

I (Fay) spent over 13 years working side-by-side with the top trade-mark agents, lawyers and litigators at one of Canada’s largest intellectual property firms.  I worked not only on prosecuting trade-mark applications, but in gathering evidence in opposition matters and expungement proceedings, and assisting on litigation files enforcing clients’ rights against infringers.  After my two children reached adulthood and their teenage years were behind me, I expanded on my studies and career. With the support of my mentor (a good friend) and family, I was encouraged to tackle the Trade-mark Agent examinations and succeeded on the first attempt.

I (Chantal) have a very similar background. I was a partner in a prestigious intellectual property boutique firm in Canada.  As such, I had the benefit of working side-by-side with, and being mentored by, top trade-mark agents with in depth knowledge of trade-mark practices.  I enjoy working with my clients to protect their trade-marks from filing, prosecution through to registration (including oppositions and summary expungements) in Canada and throughout the world. It was early on that I realized I had found my niche.

My outside activities (other than my two teenage children) include an appointment as a director on the Board of Maison Decision House, a non-profit organisation which assists adult male offenders return to the community. I am also a Director of Interprétation signes et paroles Inc. and a computer interpreter for hearing impaired students.

Where Are We Heading...

O’Brien TM Services was started by Fay in the fall of 2003. In May of 2014, Chantal decided to join the company. As our client base continues to grow, we enjoy every challenge and every client (each in their own special way). We are proud to announce that our practice is one of the top Canadian trade-mark filing companies in Canada. While these rankings validate our efforts, they more importantly tell us that we are doing it right. It is important for us to provide sound advice and competitive rates. We enjoy our work as well as the people we service, balancing it with family time and enjoying leisure activities (kayaking & curling for Fay; swimming & skiing for Chantal). One of the many beneficial aspects of our business is the cost savings to our clients. How do we do it? Simply put, our jobs are not dependant on reaching management-set billing targets!

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